Members of Extended Roots

Tina Bradley - Fiddle

Tina first learned to play the violin in public school at the age of 12--and then quit after only 3 years because it just wasn't "cool" to carry a violin to school. Thirty-one years later, while going though what she says must have been her "mid-life crisis," she decided she wanted to play the violin again, so she began taking lessons at the tender age of 43. She now plays with the world famous ladies of Extended Roots. Tina is a wife, mother and grandmother and works as a manager at AT&T.

Barbara Clement - Guitar

Mother, grandmother, wife, daughter. Attorney. Second generation Californian. Former youth coach, real estate broker, business manager, editor/photographer, writer of personnel procedures, information specialist, librarian. Colonial lady. Mississippi connected. Golf and tennis player. Gardener, poet, guitar picker, singer of songs. Lover of nature and all things beautiful. Worrying about a son serving in the military. Looking after aging parents. Hurrying to get everything done.

Barbara Daggett - Fiddle, Mandolin, Harmonica

Wife, mother, grandmother who enjoys golf, playing music with the band, painting in watercolor, pastel, oil and teaching art as a visiting artist in several local elementary schools.

Susan Ellis - Fiddle, Viola

Elementary school music educator, the coordinator for 2nd Saturday Concert Series in Walnut Creek, and a private fiddle instructor keeps Susan busy, but never too busy to play with her sister Rooties. She also loves to goof off with her four wonderful children, watch her son play baseball, take walks with her dogs and husband, and to write.

Patty Gomez - Banjo

Patty looked at the guitar, it has six strings, then the banjo, it only had five. She picked the banjo. When not playing banjo, she volunteers for local charities and animal rescue groups.

Marian Harris - Fiddle

Marian's musical life began with piano lessons at age six. She always secretly wanted to play the violin, and got the chance when her five-year-old daughter asked for violin lessons. Marian was delighted when the Suzuki violin teacher told her the Suzuki method required her to learn to play also! She was bit by the fiddle bug in a very serious way when she took her daughter to Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camp, and there has been no turning back. She also plays and sings in a bluegrass band, Second Calling, a church folk group, and jams with friends whenever possible. When not hanging out with her Extended Roots sisters and playing fiddle, Marian is a professional Administrator, and a Printmaker on the side, sometimes showing artwork in area galleries.

Lou Ann Lanham - Bodhran, Guitar

Lou Ann played drums as a kid in a local drum and bell corps. and then in the Clayton Valley High School Band. As a mother of 4, she supported their musical and dance endeavors with all of her heart. As they became adults, she began playing a guitar (that was given to to her), with a little more earnest. She took lessons from John Blasquez, of Walnut Creek, and he urged her to get out and play with other musicians, but she was too shy. A few years ago, John started a class with about 24 other aspiring musicians. There, Lou Ann met most of the women in Extended Roots... she's in and she's lovin' it! Presently, her sons are still playing the guitar and mandolin and her two grandsons are taking guitar and drum lessons.

Nancy McGhee - Bass

Nancy has been involved with music in some way since 3rd grade, starting with the flutaphone (remember those?). Perhaps due to short attention span or a need for continual novelty, she has played many different western European instruments (clarinet, flute, trombone, bassoon, guitar,bodhran) and several eastern European ones (gadulka, tapan, dumbek and lyrica). Nancy picked up the bass years ago but until she joined Extended Roots in July, 2004, her playing was relegated mostly to occasional jam sessions at her house, contra dances and a few gigs with the Westwind International Folk Ensemble. For her day job Nancy is a pediatric occupational therapist in the public schools and with a private practice in Pleasanton. She is married to an engineer who is also a musician and has two musically inclined adult children. One of her hobbies is collecting musical instruments (mostly from flea markets), regardless of whether she can actually play them.

Lauren Nourse - Flute, Pennywhistle

Lauren can't imagine her life without music. Piano from age 7, elementary school tonettes, the flute and always singing. But, as with so many of us, work and family obscured the need for music. Singing around the camp fire at Girl Scout Camp met some of the musical needs but there was always a wish to keep up playing in a band. Luckily this crazy band of women playing Celtic music needed a penny whistle. What a gift to be a part of this eclectic, fun loving and dedicated group.

Jean Olds - Fiddle

Jean has played music all her life, from 3 years old on. After playing mostly classical music for 50 years, she found it so liberating to discover the kind of music that Extended Roots plays. In her off hours, she teaches preschool in Pleasanton, hikes and bikes, and recycles obsessively.

Kathleen Rushing - Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar

Kathleen is a wife, Mom and Grammy. She is a retired Kindergarten teacher who specialized in music and movement during her teaching career. She currently visits schools, libraries and community events with her unique brand of music, Bingo Schmingo Music which emphasizes language development and the joy of music, using fun songs, dances and playful interaction to enhance music education for the young child and family. Kathleen is also currently Director of Children's Activities for the California Bluegrass Association and Director of Fun Grass, a camp for young children in association with the CBA Music Camps. You may learn more about her fun music at

Pat Brack - Guitar, Accordian, Autoharp, Piano

Teri Sugg - Fiddle

Teri is a ceramic artist who specializes in sculpture and combines her love of clay and music by making ocarinas. She also teaches several ceramics classes to older adults. She began playing violin again after a 30 year break when a friend lent her the fiddle she inherited from her dad (thank you Lori!) She thought she'd learn to play Cajun style, and one of these days she may get around to it. But her musical exploration has taken her on a meandering route, around the world and into the past......she has eclectic musical tastes, including many types of world music, swing, with a special fondness for Celtic. She also loves playing with her husband and son and a couple of other groups, including Willie and the Random Band. You can view her ceramic work, and also some more recent work at