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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Seems like every couple weeks or so a new band shows up at and posts its profile on the California Bands page. It's sort of fun to monitor the posts as they come in... you just never know what you'll find.

This morning there were two sitting in the admin queue waiting to be evaluated and then approved or denied. One was a group called missFlag, a young Israeli acoustic rock band whose music was actually quite good but certainly not bluegrass...

The second was a group from the San Ramon area who call themselves Extended Roots. This is what they say about themselves at their web site:

"Extended Roots is a group of women who have come together from many diverse professions with one common passion, love of music..."

Thirteen women in all, including five violinists. I listened to a couple of their MP3 samples and enjoyed what I heard. You've been to a festival or big campout and stumbled upon a swarm of fiddlers...kind of a "Liberty" wall of sound. That's what it was like. I especially liked the Pig Ankle Rag.

So naturally the Extended Roots profile was approved, which means you can go to the California Bands Page, type in "extended" into the key word search box, and check out the band. There's a great group shot of all 13. Boy do they look happy. I can tell you from much swarm experience that it's great fun being a brick in a wall of sound. (Please, no notes about mixing metaphors.)

Rick Cornish

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